> > > New for 2021: Meinl Percussion

Meinl Percussion have recently presented an array of new products for the year 2021. Among them are new Cajons, Djembes, Doumbeks, Congas and Bongos but also surprising new hybrid instruments that combine electronics with traditional percussion.

First is the STOMP BOX, available both in analog and digital versions. The STOMP BOX emulates a “deep, stomping sound” of the bass drum that’s perfect for acoustic shows, jam sessions or street performances. The digital version adds 5 pre-programmed percussion samples including a hi-hat, kick drum, shaker, tambourine and a crash cymbal.

Next is the FX20 Effects Pedal that allows to put “the power to add percussion at the feet of any musician”. This device contains ten pre-programmed percussion samples, such as clave, cowbell, kick drum etc. plus additional ten custom samples of your own.

An interesting new product is the DIGITAL CAJON. This full-sized instrument is completely digital to expand a player’s sound options quickly and allow for silent practice. The DIGITAL CAJON is equipped with four rubber trigger pads on the playing surface that respond with pre-programmed digital samples.

More new products include new pick-up instruments that allow direct connection to a sound system. In this family of percussion are the fully synthetic Pickup Djembe, Pickup Cajon and Pickup Cajon Snare with internal sets of snares, among others.

The next interesting invention is the new SPEAKER CAJON that includes two 4.5” 20-watt speakers that you can play music through using your phone. Great for practicing to music, adding loops to your acoustic set or just to have fun playing along to your favorite songs. It supports wireless connection with your phone and built in control panel allows to toggle through music and adjust your volume.

More products can be found at the official Meinl Percussion site: https://meinlpercussion.com/en/topics/New-Products-2021