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Three new cajones from Meinl Percussion

These three 2014 additions to Meinl’s cajon line-up all share an exclusive feature: a playing surface made from fine walnut wood.


The new Jumbo Bass Cajon (pictured left) is part of the Subwoofer Cajon series and is your first choice when a really rich bass note is required. Instead of the traditional sound hole on the back, this model has a forward-facing reflex port. This is particularly useful when playing unplugged sessions, as the sound is projected directly towards the audience. The body of the Jumbo Bass Cajon is slightly larger than that of the previous model and therefore delivers deeper, more powerful sounds.

Item no.: SUBCAJ5WN Price: 842,00 zł (official list price)

The integrated snares of the Modern Snare Cajon (center) touch the front panel and deliver a classic cajon sound which is requisite in flamenco music. A knurled knob adjusts the amount of pressure used to press the snare wires against the front panel.

The rattle effect ranges between light and sensitive to very loud can be achieved through adjustment. The entire snare unit can even be turned off completely. The body of the Modern Snare Cajon is made of rubber wood and offers a padded sitting surface.

Item no.: CAJ1WN-M Price: 944,00 zł (official list price)

The new Turbo Slap Top Cajon (pictured right) is a slightly larger and modified version of the standard Slap Top Cajon that was introduced in 2013. Slap Top Cajons are designed to bring the striking surface up nearer to the player, for a more upright playing style. The sound projects forward into the audience. The Turbo Slap-Top Cajon comes with snares on both sides. Here the snares also feature a forward sound projection.

Item no.: TOPCAJ2WN Price: 711,00 zł (official list price)