> > > NAMM 2018: Big Bang Distribution booth

As always, NAMM Show 2018 brings us new, thrilling drum gear. While attending this great event, we are getting acquainted with new product releases, visit booths and meet new interesting people from the music industry. Follow us and get familiar with some trends and products that are going be of significance this year. As a drummers’ website, we will provide you with news from companies (big and smaller ones) and we are also going to make new discoveries for you. Stay tuned for more information!

Take a tour of the Big Bang Distribution booth with us with your guide Brent Mangrum. Take a look at:

  • Rogers Dyna Sonic Snare Drum
  • Ahead Wicked Chops practice pad
  • Ahead 25th Anniversary Limited 5B Sticks
  • Rogers Dyno Matic Drum Pedal
  • Big Fat Snare Drum Octopus
  • Dunett Res-O-Tone i Res-O-Two Drum Heads