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As part of our new series called “My Magnificent Five“, we will be asking drummers to give us five names of their favourite sticksmen or women – those that have left the biggest mark in our guests’ musical lives. Why five? Because it is five fingers that make a strong fist (ask Five Finger Death Punch members and fans, they know it only too well). We kick off the series with Paiste and Pearl endorser Beata Polak (Wolf Spider, 2Tm2,3, Armia, Arka Noego). In this particular case, it’s going to be more like a Four Finger Death Punch because our guest only names four drummers in this video…

Beata Polak Paiste

Beata Polak’s Favourite Four Drummers

The drummers that have influenced my musical path are:

  1. Tomasz Goehs [a Polish thrash/death metal drummer who first gained recognition in the late 1980s and early 1990s with bands such as Turbo, Kr’shna Brothers, Creation of Death and now plays with polish indie arena fillers Kult] – it all started because of him, he was the one who talked me into playing drums
  2. Vinnie Paul from Pantera – he inspired me to start playing double kick
  3. Chris Kontos from Machine Head [the drummer featured on the band’s legendary debut album titled “Burn My Eyes“] – he taught me how to hit hard
  4. Danny Carey from Tool – thanks to him, I saw how musical the drums can be.

Drummers and Drummerettes! Here is Beata Polak talking about her fav drummers!