> > > Musikmesse 2018: electronic drums from Yamaha

This year’s Musikmesse trade show is a topic for a separate post, which is going to happen very shortly on en.beatit.tv and we will share our impressions from the event with you. For now, let us only mention the fact that the number of exhibitors from the drumming industry has been decreasing year by year, and those present set up rather modest displays this year. An exception to the rule is the Yamaha company, which have been putting a lot of effort into their exhibitions, be it at NAMM Show or in Frankfurt, and this year was no exception. Naturally, BeatIt couldn’t have missed it. Here is our report from the electronic drums exhibition at Yamaha’s stand at Musikmesse 2018. Ralf Mersch, Product Specialist at Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, is our guide on this tour.

In the video, Ralf Mersch presents a set comprised of all Yamaha pads and electronic modules currently available on the market. Visitors could try all of them and listen to all the sounds. The pads included those made of silicone, which guarantees great rebound and the elimination of noise. The modules displayed included the Yamaha DTX 900, 502 and the Multi Pad – 4,000 sounds in total.

Obviously, the company also displayed the new Yamaha EAD10 drum module. It was placed on the live streaming stage and its features were presented in a series of live streams. We have already made an in-depth review of the device (HERE), so we will only mention it basic features. It is equipped with a sensor unit attached to a bass drum hoop. Inside the sensor unit, there is a stereo mic and a trigger, which means the entire acoustic drum kit is mic’d up and triggered for electronic sounds at the same time. Additional triggers may be used as well, e. g. on the snare drum. The device allows the user to blend acoustic and electronic sounds. The EAD module can also be used on a cajon. With the help of the EAD microphone, standard effects (reverb, echo, etc.) or electronic sounds can be triggered on a cajon, which can bring really interesting sonic results.

Another new product displayed by Yamaha at Musikmesse 2018 was the Hybryd Stage Custom Box. A user places mesh pads on acoustic toms and the new DT50S dual-zone triggers on the snare drum. The kick drum is fitted with the DT50K trigger. The whole pack comes with cymbal pads and is powered by the Yamaha DTX502 drum module. The goal is to turn an acoustic kit into a silent, electronic unit perfect for practicing at home without annoying the neighbours. The box is available as a stand-alone or with a Yamaha Stage Custom kit.