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Przemysław Wejmann talks to BeaIt

Przemysław Wejmann is quite experienced as a touring and recording musician. He is the former leader, singer, guitarist, songwriter, lyricist for Guess Why and the great Robert “Litza” Friedrich’s successor in the legendary thrash outfit Acid Drinkers. However, he has spent the last 10 years on the “dark side of the force” as music producer and sound engineer. Our interviewee has been very accomplished in this role, having worked on albums by such Polish artists as: Acid Drinkers, Corruption, Aion, Apatia, BIFF, Black River, Kabanos, Muchy, Neony, None, Schizma or Włochaty. The man knows a thing or two about drum recording techniques in heavy metal, punk, indie-rock or pop-rock productions. It would be a sin if BeatIt didn’t nip off a tiny bit of that knowledge to share it with our viewers. Hence our visit at the newly built Poznań HQ of the Perlazza Studio. In the first part of our interview, Przemysław Wejmann tells us all about how he managed to make a transformation from a musician visiting recording studios as a singing guitarist into a music producer and studio owner. You can also find out who helped him in this transformation, which band was willing to be the “guinea pig” at the initial stage of the process, where Przemysław Wejmann’s love for Pearl MMX comes from and how much of an influence he has as a producer on the choice of a drum kit for a particular session. Enjoy!

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