> > > Michał ‘Dimon’ Jastrzębski Interview, Pt. 2

Michał ‘Dimon’ Jastrzębski (Lao Che) talks to BeatIt, Pt. 2/7

On October 5th 2013, in connection with a live performance by Lao Che in Poznań, Poland, fragments of which you will be able to see on BeatIt, we had a very nice chat with the band’s drummer – Michał ‘Dimon’ Jastrzębski.

michal dimon lao che p1.

In the second part of the conversation, the man talks about his admiration for drummer Krzysztof Raczkowski, better known as ‘Doc’ from the Polish death metal export Vader, the drum kit he used at music school, his first own set and ways of customising it, the first amateur demos he recorded, the first concert with his metal ensamble, and the circumstances of expanding his musical horisons beyond extreme metal.

Here is Michał ‘Dimon’ Jastrzębski in the second part of his meeting with BeatIt viewers. Enjoy!