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Season’s Greetings on BeatIt’s first anniversary

How time flies… It was exactly on Christam Eve of last year that BeatIt published its first material, which was a drum battle featuring Tomek Torres. Since then, we have interviewed 28 artists, witnessed 17 live performances, tested more than a dozen instruments and devices, organised several drum battles, been hosted at rehearsal spaces, studios, dressing rooms, even private homes. In total, we have published over 200 videos for your viewing pleasure (and there’s more to come!). With that in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone featured in our videos, especially those who trusted us and had faith in us at the preparation stage with absolutely no guarantee we would achieve a satisfactory result. THANK YOU!

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A separete word of gratitude goes out to all the Drummers and Drummerettes, as well as all those who do not play drums (they too like BeatIt), who have been visiting us, spreading the word about us, subscribed to our YT channel, commented on our videos. Without you, we would not be where we are now and the plans we have for the coming months would not be realistic. THANK YOU!

Finally, we wish to thank ourselves and pat ourselves on the back. Blindman, Szopix, Viking, Animal! A job well done…

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas, lots of joy and perhaps a brand new DW Collectors kit in the stocking!

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