> > > Meinl introduce a range of drum sticks and related products

Meinl continue their steady growth by entering the realm of manufacturing drum sticks as well as related products such as brushes, cajon brushes, bundle sticks and mallets.

The goal the company set for themselves was to achieve consistency for every single pair of sticks through assigning a specific wood density to a given stick model. All sticks to be sold in Europe are and will be manufactured in our continent in order to avoid buckling of wood, which could occur due to climate differences and transport conditions.

drum sticks and brushes from Meinl

Here is Meinl‘s offer in this respect:

STANDARD sticks – 16″ long:

  • 7A (hickory, Heavy, acorn tip, ∅ 0.535″)
  • 5A (hickory, Medium, acorn tip, ∅ 0.565″)
  • 5B (hickory, Medium/Medium Light, acorn tip, ∅ 0.595″)

STANDARD LONG sticks – 16.5″ long:

  • 5A (hickory, Light, acorn tip, ∅ 0.565″)
  • 5B (hickory, Light, acorn tip, ∅ 0.595″)

HYBRID sticks – 16.250″ long, hybrid acorn/barrel tip, long taper:

  • 7A (hickory, Heavy, hybrid tip, ∅ 0.535″)
  • 5A (hickory, Medium, hybrid tip, ∅ 0.565″)
  • 5B (hickory, Medium/Medium Light, hybrid tip, ∅ 0.595″)

HEAVY sticks – 16.5″ long:

  • 5A (hickory, Heavy, acorn tip, ∅ 0.575″)
  • 5B (hickory, Heavy, acorn tip, ∅ 0.605″)
  • 2B (hickory, Medium Heavy/Heavy, acorn tip, ∅ 0.625″)

BIG APPLE sticks – 16″ long, intended for jazz:

  • Bop (hickory, Light, big acorn tip, ∅ 0.540″)
  • Swing (hickory, Light, small acorn tip, ∅ 0.600″)

CONCERT sticks:

  • SD1 (maple, Medium, round tip, 16.375″ long, ∅ 0.635″)
  • SD2 (maple, Medium Light, round tip, 15.75″ long, ∅ 0.630″)
  • SD4 (maple, Light, round tip, 15.875″ long, ∅ 0.545″)

Eight types of bundle sticks – made from birch, bamboo (including a brush), nylon

Wire and nylon brushes with rubber and wood handles

Four types of cajon brushes

Three types of timbale sticks and four mallet types.

The full range of products can be seen under: http://www.meinlstickandbrush.com