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Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer presents “Cavedweller”

Matt Cameron, drummer of such acts as Pearl Jam and Soundgarden is going to release his debut solo album. It’s going to be called “Cavedweller”. It’s release is planned on September 22 via Migraine Records.

Here is the tracklist:

01. Time Can’t Wait
02. All At Once
03. Blind
04. Through The Ceiling
05. One Special Lady
06. In The Trees
07. Into The Fire
08. Real And Imagined
09. Unnecessary

Listen to the minute-long teaser right here:

The Pulse Of Radio asked Cameron a while back if he altered his style for either band. “I don’t think I do,” he said. “I mean, I’m just really trying to play my role in each group. I definitely feel like I support the vocal in both groups. The music around the vocal is a little bit different. But that’s the way I’ve always considered my drumming, is vocal-influenced. I’ve been lucky enough to play with two of the best singers in modern day history, so I think that’s always sort of been my strength as a drummer.

We are really curious of this album. As you can hear it’s going to be a solid rock LP with a lot of space and harmony in it. Would you give it a try?

Source: http://www.blabbermouth.net/