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During our visit to London Drum Show, we stopped by at Slovenia’s Manic Drum stand. We will present a video which we shot there very shortly, however, we would like to present their product offer to all Drummers and Drummerettes now, as we think it is worthy of your attention.

Drum Kits

Made solely from STAVES. The shells consist of 12 to 24 elements glued together (16 to 24 for kick drums). They are built from the following wood types: European and American maple, birch, cherry, walnut, pear, pine, larch, bubinga, mahogany, wenge, padouk, rosewood, makore or ebony.


Snare Drums

Made solely from STAVES. The shells consist of 12 to 24 elements. Wood selection identical to tom and bass drum shells.



The company applies its original solutions for hoops (HOOP ONE™), mounting systems (CARRIER ONE™) and lugs (LUG ONE™).

HOOP ONE™ – Hoops do not have a solid structure, they are open and consist of two rings connected in as many points as there are tension rods. Instead of the usual rings which tension rods go through, we have two shafts at each lug, which either release or lock the rod.


LUG ONE™ – Thanks to the shafts and a tightening system at each lug, the lugs immediately release their tension rods from the hoop (no drum key needed!!!). Having replaced the skin and tightened the lugs, tension rods return to their position and tuning is NOT required (again, no drum key is necessary). The whole process happens in no time at all.


CARRIER ONE™ – Two matching casts, two pins, a magnet and a locking switch (similar to DW’s TechLock® applied in their 9000 Series stands) – that’s all there is to mount a tom or floor tom. There are no wing nuts there.


A video from London Drum Show coming soon!