> > > Maciej Gołyźniak Interview, pt. 6

Maciej Gołyźniak talks to BeatIt, pt. 6

After a short break, we present the sixth episode of our saga devoted to the widely admired and respected (also by our readers) Maciej Gołyźniak. This time around, our guest explains the origins of his current cymbal mounting fashion, and discusses the sticks he uses, the best and worst moments in his career so far, the joy of solitary playing in the practice room, the issue of having admirers and what is bound to happen if one believes all the sweet talkers. The man also reveals his motivations when making a decision about joining a band (we are deliberately staying away from the word “project“, as we know Maciej isn’t very fond of it). Here is Maciej Gołyźniak with another handful of thoughts worth your consideration.

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