> > > Maciej Gołyźniak interview – pt. 1

Maciej Gołyźniak – drummer with Monika Brodka – talks to BeatIt

Maciej Gołyźniak is a fairly experienced drummer, who has collaborated with such renowned names on the Polish scene as: Paweł Kukiz, Emigranci, Ania Dąbrowska, Ryszard Rynkowski, Andrzej “Piasek” Piaseczny or Katarzyna Cerekwicka. Currently, his rhythms and grooves support one of the most promising singers of the new generation in Poland – Monika Brodka. The man’s playing features on Brodka’s double-platinum and multiple-award-winning release entitled “Granda” (Sony, 2010). His talent has been acknowledged by two of the mightiest players on the drum gear market, i.e. DW and Sabian, who offered him endorsement deals, which he (of course!) accepted. Maciej is also a musician who, over the last decade of his career, has carefully pondered over many aspects of drumming – from playing techniques and gear, through to live and studio situations, the psychology of being in a band or general show-business-related issues. For all of those reasons, he is a natural target for BeatIt cameras.

In the first part of our converastion, Maciej Gołyźniak reveals where his fascination with drums stems from, which international show business event was decisive for his ultimate choice of the instrument, what his first kit was and what his first public appearances in his home town of Toruń were like. You can also find out what the first concert he ever attended as a listener was, which famous Toruń-based drummer helped in Maciej’s development and why he thinks it is worthwhile to have dreams…

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