> > > Latin Percussion Launches 60th Anniversary Cabasa and Vibra Slap

To commemorate its sixty years on the market, Latin Percussion (LP) expands its percussion range with the addition of the 60th Anniversary Afuche / Cabasa and newly updated Vibra-Slap III.

The LP Vibra-Slap was the first patent granted to the company some sixty years ago and the sharp rattling sound it produces has appeared in more recordings, soundtracks and advertisements than any other sound effect ever made. The updated Vibra-Slap III (LP208X) is made using LP’s proprietary Jenigor, a nearly unbreakable plastic which has been used in Jam Blocks for decades. The latest version features a new ‘Strike Zone’ which allows the instrument to be played by hand or drumstick. The Vibra-Slap Mount (LP444N) is available separately.

LP’s second patent, the Afuche / Casaba, has become a very popular percussion instrument. This original piece of equipment is made by wrapping a steel bead chain around a specially textured, stainless-steel cylinder to produce a multitude of scraping rhythmic patterns. The 60th Anniversary Afuche / Cabasa (LP234-60) is black emblazoned with the red LP60 logo.

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