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Kult – “Parada wspomnień” live for BeatIt

On October 26 2013, the Polish indie institution Kult played a concert at Hall 2 of the Poznań International Fair. As always in the case of this band, the crowd jumped and rocked to the rhythm dictated by the members of the Kult Security Team (the band travel with their own security group making sure everybody in the audience is safe and having fun), who, in turn, followed what is the most interesting for us, i.e. the pulse coming from the man behind the drum kit – Tomasz Goehs.


We have another clip to illustrate that situation. Here is Tomasz Goehs holding the entire band’s pulse in his tight grip. For your viewing and listening pleasure, this is a live performance of Kult‘s classic song “Parada wspomnień” (“Flashback Parade“), taken from the band’s 1991 release titled “Your Eyes“.

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