> > > Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra – “Hava Nagila” LIVE

Bartek Nazaruk, Patrycja Napierała & Transoriental Orchestra na żywo dla BeatIt

On October 18 2013, Polish pop legend Kayah arrived in Poznań along with her latest project – Transoriental Orchestra. The band’s line-up features two drummers: Partycja Napierała, who plays all kinds of percussion instruments and Bartek Nazaruk, sitting behind his brand new Pork Pie kit.

This time, the combo performs a traditional folk song written in Hebrew, titled “Hava Nagila“, which should be translated as: “Let us Rejoyce“. It is probably the most popular Jewish tune in the world, so it would seem we know exactly what to expect here. Nothing could be further from the truth! Have you ever wondered what this song could sound like during the forthcoming carnival in Rio? It never crossed our minds, either. However, it did cross Transoriental Orchestra members’ minds. Interested? Check it out yourselves…


Here are Patrycja Napierała and Bartek Nazaruk live, exclusively for BeatIt!

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