> > > Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra – “El Eliyahu” LIVE

Bartek Nazaruk, Patrycja Napierała & Transoriental Orchestra live for BeatIt

Here is the second excerpt from a concert by Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra. The event took place on October 18 2013 at the Poznań Earth Hall, which has become a must-play venue for most Polish and numerous international stars in the course of the last year.

This time, we present a live performance of a traditional song titled “El Eliyahu“. It is sung by Sephardi Jews on Saturday nights (Motzae Shabbat) and the title refers to Yahwe or Elijah the prophet. Please note how a traditional drum arrangement gives way to a more modern beat in the third minute of the song, only to take the form of a tasty disco/funk groove towards the end of the song. Yummy!



Drummers and Drummerettes! We give you Partycja Napierała, who plays all kinds of percussion instruments, and Bartek Nazaruk behind his Pork Pie drum kit.

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