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Jose Torres & Havana Dreams talk to BeatIt

On the 1st of February 2013, our team attended a Jose Torres & Havana Dreams show in Poznań, Poland. Three percussionists marvelously playing their instruments, allowing us to witness almost two hours worth of masterstrokes (yes, drummers are capable of making a pun every now and then, too), Caribbean heat in the midst of a northern European winter and an audience in seventh heaven. Is there anything more a drum lover’s soul could desire? An in-depth interview with the musicians, of course! In this part of our conversation, Jose Torres tells us about his beginings as a musician in Poland after he’d arrived from Cuba over 30 years ago. His son Tomasz remembers his upbringing accompanied by music and musicians and reflects on why he took up drums and gave up the piano, which he was learning at school.

Our special thanks go out to Krzysztof Kłak and Jakub Sowzdargo of the E-xon company for engineering the sound during our interview with Jose Torres and Tomek Torres.

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Place, time, personnel:

Poznań, Poland
Guest: Jose Torres,Tomek Torres & Havana Dreams


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