> > > John Bonham Signature Drumsticks Re-issued!

The British drum brand Promuco has re-launched drumsticks with John Bonham’s signature on the drum market. These high-quality Hickory sticks are made to exactly the same specifications as John Bonham’s original sticks from the ’70s.

“John Bonham is a true legend, and we’re so pleased that we are able to re-issue these excellent drumsticks.Back in the 1970s and 80s, Barnes & Mullins were responsible for distributing Promuco sticks across the UK, including the Bonham signature models. So, as the new owners of the previously long-dormant brand, we’re proud to have reached agreement with the John Bonham licence holders so that once again drummers can own a little piece of rock n roll history… as well as use the excellent sticks to create their very own musical legacy.”

  • Diameter – 1.5 cm
  • Length – 41 cm
  • Material – hickory
  • Sticks will be available for £ 12