> > > Hoop PROtect bass drum pedal anchoring system

Twin Cities Drum Collective is a retail drum shop located in Minneapolis, MN. They combine selling new and used drums, cymbals and accessories with a custom workshop, which they refer to as ‘micro-buildery’.

Apart from building custom drums, TCDC also try to come up with innovative accessories for drummers. Their most recent creation is the Hoop PROtect – a hoop guard that prevents damage to the bass drum hoop and improves pedal grip when anchoring a bass drum pedal.

Just think about all the times your pedal spun sideways during a show or fell off the hoop completely. Or you have bought drums with this amazing finish you love so much, and it’s instantly marred the first time you play the kit because of the pedal attachment mechanism.

TCDC say the Hoop PROtect is the answer. Co-founders and owners, Kelly Cook and Lane Pederson, say:

Why not have a product that simply slips over the hoop without an adhesive that also adds to the pedal grip and performance? So that’s what we did.”

Simple solutions are the best. Whereas other products either fall off or damage the hoop with a too strong adhesive, this product delivers everything drummers want without downsides. Hoop PROtect is ideal not just for new drums, but for existing and vintage sets as well.”

Hoop PROtect is made from a proprietary rubber that slips on and is supposed to do the job with tackiness plus thickness for an enhanced pedal grip. Hoop PROtect also has the benefit of being transferable to other bass drums for drummers who play on more than one set or on backline kits.

Drummers can order Hoop PROtect direct from TCDC at:

Dealer inquires can be directed to: tcdrumcollective@gmail.com