> > > HINGESTIX – Practice Drumsticks

We know that many drummers have a huge problem with playing technique. To prevent this, an invention has been made…

HINGESTIX – these are sticks that have been equipped with swivel pads. The use of such a solution is to simulate a loose, correct grip, which translates into better rebound of the stick and the shortest contact of the head of drumstick and the drumhead – which also affects the sound of the drum. Practice with these sticks is to help you understand the finger technique, Moeller technique, and improve the proper rebound and increase speed without having to increase the effort put into the drumming.

HINGESTIX are intended not only for people starting their adventure with drums but also for people at a higher level of “initiation”.

It is hard to conclude from photos and videos whether it really works, but maybe in the future we will check for ourselves whether it is worth investing in such sticks.

The sticks were made of Hickory. Each pair of HINGESTIX Practice Drumsticks are balanced and pitched matched, the only size available is 5B.

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Endorsers of HINGESTIX: Bernard Purdie, Dom Famularo, Maksym Deomin.

Made in the USA.