> > > Hingestix, a learning tool!

At the end of last year, we got sticks to test – HingeStix. We were very curious about what kind of magic sticks they are and how they make our technique on the drum kit more effective. Maciej Głuchowski accepted the challenge of testing this product. Our tests rarely last as long as in this case. Maciek tested these sticks for almost three months, and verified their “power” among his students during his original drums classes.

The summary of these tests is clear: Top 5 on our rating scale and signing a distribution contract for the sales of this educational instrument (that is what this product should be called) through our Beatit.tv website.

HingeStix are used for many purposes, and their main task is to simulate a loose, correct grip, which translates into better rebound of the stick and the shortest contact of the tip of drumstick with the drumhead. Practicing with these sticks will help you understand the finger technique and the Moeller technique, improve the proper rebound as well as increase speed without having to increase the effort put into the drumming.

HingeStix can do more. We can easily control the correct grip. The use of swivel pads gives us the opportunity to position the thumb and the forefinger or the middle finger in the right section of the stick. The remaining fingers, in this arrangement, perfectly fit around the stick. This position means that we can effectively use each of the grips from French through American to German.

We think that HingeStix are an indispensable tool for people who want to start their adventure with drums, as well as a significant supplement for advanced drummers who want to improve their playing technique based on rebound and fingers as well as Moeller.

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