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The renowned hardware company Gibraltar offer three tables for drummers. In this day and age, they are an important part of almost every drummer’s equipment as many of us use laptops or other tools that are worth having at our fingertips.

Pro Sidekick Essentials Table w / Holder (SC-GSE-MNT)

The table is 16″ × 10” in size and made of molded fiberglass with a black felt lining on top. It seems rather simple but effective in it’s design. The fiberglass construction means the side table is quite light and easy to carry. It is mounted with an adjustable clamp on the back, so it can be mounted anywhere. This is a table which seems to be more suitable for lighter accessories or a small mixer.

The advantage of this workstation is that because it is clamped, the height is not as limited as with the other two models. You can also use it as a second tier and attach it to another table if you need extra space.


Pro Sidekick Essentials Station (G-PSES)

Its structure is basically the same as the table mentioned above, except that it comes with a different 7/8” mounting bracket underneath so it fits over the stand (which is included). This makes it potentially stronger and more stable than the clamp version due to the weight distribution.

The single brace stand has a height range of 14 1/2 ” to 22 1/2” and the producer describes the base as wide enough not to tip over.

As the table is mounted on a tripod and supported in a different way, it is fit to place slightly heavier items on, e.g. a larger mixer or laptop.


Sidekick Essentials Station (G-SES)

It is a wooden version of the table described above. Equipped with the same height-adjustable base and felt cover, it seems more solid at the same time. The fact that it is made of wood means it is heavier, which is a factor that should be taken into consideration as far as concerts and transport are concerned.


As more and more drummers use laptops, tablets, smartphones and other electronic gadgets when practicing, playing live or recording, they need a place to put all their stuff. It is therefore worth taking care of “workplace hygiene” and investing in this type of accessories.

More information at https://www.gibraltarhardware.com/product-category/hardware/percussion-stands/tables-and-workstations/