> > > Gergo Borlai – “Keep It Greasey” LIVE

Gergo Borlai – “Keep It Greasey” live for BeatIt

Most drum freaks who watch BeatIt regularly (if not all of them) probably remember that on Nov 29 2013 the Poland-based DrumCenter store hosted a clinic by a drumming rising star – Hungary’s very own Gergo Borlai. It was a magnificent display of musicianship including, of course, technique but most of all the things that are the most important and yet so intangible – pulse, feeling and wonderful groove.


Last week, the man showed his metal chops. This time, we have a performance of „Keep It Greasey” from the demanding catalogue of the great Frank Zappa. See for yourselves whether our praise of this Hungarian drummer is exaggerated or not. Drummers and Drummerettes! We give you Gergo Borlai