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Maciej ‘Blindman’ Głuchowski recording new songs with Flapjack 


Very recently, the co-founder and Vice President of BeatIt Maciej ‘Blindman’ Głuchowski has appeared in studio to lay the drum tracks to five new songs by the recently reformed, legendary Polish 90’s rapcore ensemble called Flapjack.

Here is the gear Blindman used for the session:

1. Cymbals – Zildjian A Custom 14″ hi-hat, Zildjian A Custom Projection 18″ crash, Zildjian K Dark 18″ crash, crash Zildjian A Custom 19″, Zildjian K 22″ ride, 12″ Zildjian Spiral Stacker/Zildjian Oriental 10″ china

2. Drums – DW Collector’s 13″, 15″, 18″, 24″, sub Kik 24″, DW Edge 14″ snare

3. Sticks – Zildjian Travis Barker Signature.

While waiting for the band’s live shows this fall, feel free to view the photo gallery. Photos by: Jarek Gąsiorek.