> > > Eric Moore joins Paiste family

Last Saturday, it was officially announced that drummer Eric Moore has become a member of the Paiste family and an official endorsee of the brand.

Erik Paiste, CEO and president of the supervisory board, has issued a statement:

We are proud and honored to have Eric Moore join the Paiste Familiy of Artists. Throughout his career, Eric has mastered a vast variety of music styles. His vibrant passion and relentless pursuit of drumming excellence has made Eric one of today’s most impressive drummers in terms of a unique combination of power, groove, and dazzling technique, while at all times maintaining his very own signature sound and feel.

This is what Eric Moore had to say about this development:

I’m very, very excited to be a member of the Paiste Cymbal Family. I wanna thank you, Kelly and Erik. You two have made my heart proud. I am very privileged and honored to be part of this family. There’s so many great things that are about to happen with Paiste and myself. Thank you so much. Paiste cymbals. Amazing! It’s going down!