> > > DW’s DrumNetwork offers new online activities

DW’s DrumNetwork has two brand new live streams: Playlist Party and Fitness Friday.

Playlist Party is based on some of the world’s most famous drummers talking about their record collections, sharing their playlists and the music that inspires them. It is live at 10.00am PST every Tuesday and Thursday with guests taking an in-depth look at their music collections and song playlists while sharing stories of how they discovered the music and the drummers who influenced them. Every guest breaks down the drum parts, talking about the drum sounds and mix, discussing how the drum part was played, or examining the composition and creativity of the playing. Listeners are invited to join in and ask questions in the live chat. A complete schedule of all episodes can be seen a www.dwdrums.com/drumnetwork/. Both previous and coming episodes can be found there. The former inlude Curt Bisquera, Rich Redmond, Daru Jones, Brendan Buckley while the latter feature Andrew Marshall (Billie Eilish), Jason Bittner (Overkill/Shadows Fall) and Trevor Lawrence Jr (Leann Rimes/50 Cent).

Fitness Friday is designed as a way to find out more about healthy lifestyle ideas and tips by drummers for drummers. It goes live every Friday at 9.00am PST and has some of the world’s top drummers sharing their fitness and healthy lifestyle tips. Each guest has routines, from warm up stretches and resistance band workouts through to breathing techniques meditation and Yoga. A complete schedule of all episodes can be seen at Drum Network. Previous episodes feature Dave Elitch (Mars Volta, Miley Cyrus), Dani Markham (Childish Gambino), Wellness and Spiritual Advocate Chrissy Palmieri and Jason Bittner. Up and coming episodes include Thomas Lang and Brendan Buckley.

Juels Thomas, DW Education and Events Manager, commented “Since we’re obviously not able to go out and hang with other drummers in person right now, we wanted to offer some different ways to connect with DW artists by checking out what they’re into while they’re stuck at home too. What music are they listening to that helps get them through the long days? What are they doing to keep healthy and motivated during the lockdown? Everyone brings something totally unique to every episode. Discovering new styles of music or drummers you may not have heard of yet and learning ways to keep body and mind fit for gigs makes us all more well-rounded players.”