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BeatIt presents: DW Design Series

BeatIt have recently received two DW Design kits from the Polish distributor of the brand for us to have a bash on. As most of those interested in drums probably already know, it is the youngest baby in the Drum Workshop family, which has been created to meet the demand of many drummers looking for a chance to play an instrument with a DW label on at a price considerably lower than in the case of the Collector’s series.

As the video clearly shows, the kits we have been sent have the White Satin and the Tobacco Burst Laquer finishes. They are both sized 10×8″, 12×9″ (toms), 16×14″ (floor tom), 22×18″ (bass drum) with matching snares – 14×5.5″ in both cases .


There is no need to elaborate on the sound characteristics of the two kits, especially since you are just about to hear them. We will only remark that the quality offered at the price asked allows us to predict a huge market success. But that must have been John Good‘s intention anyway, right?

Drummers and Drummerettes! We give you the DW Design Series!