> > > Drum Hangs presents: The Studio Drummers Roundtable

The Drum Hangs initiative offers the global drumming community “a completely immersive, interactive and informal experience, leveraging the power of Zoom“. Every week, drummer Neal Wilkinson hosts a two-hour broadcast where all attendees can benefit from the insights of Neal and his special guests.

This time, Drum Hangs announces the first-ever Studio Drummers Roundtable – an event that will take place on Wednesday, July 14th. The guests are a real drumming cream of the crop!

The influence that Jim Keltner, Steve Ferrone, Vinnie Colaiuta and James Gadson have had on the world of music cannot be overestimated. To put it simply, all four of these wonderful gentlemen are legends. The combined output of these artists’ work is simply stunning. It’s safe to assume they’ve recorded with virtually every major artist you can think of.

This is an event in which the drumming community around the world will have the opportunity to learn from the combined experiences of Keltner, Gadson, Colaiuta and Ferrone while being able to communicate with them in real time. Looks like The Studio Drummers Roundtable is going to be a truly unique experience.

If you are interested in attending, we suggest booking in advance to avoid disappointment in case it sells out.

To find out more about the event and book your ticket, click HERE.