> > > Czarcie Kopyto presents new Supreme bass drum pedal

Czarcie Kopyto, a Polish company that has gained wide recognition on the global percussion market, is now introducing its newest bass drum pedal model – the Supreme.

We proudly present our latest model of Czarcie Kopyto® drum pedals – the SUPREME model. This is our Top model of the pedals. The Supreme model features specially engraved logos on the footboard and caps. In our opinion, the silver against the red looks phenomenal – how do you like it?” – states the official Facebook account of Czarcie Kopyto.

The new model has all the great features of its predecessor, such as direct drive, a patented spring tension system, a very clever bass drum attachment system, or an easy possibility of dividing the double pedal into two single ones. What distinguishes the Supreme model from its predecessor is the new red finish of the pedals, footboards and connecting shaft, as well as special engraving, specific to the company. Another important factor distinguishing the latest version of the Czarcie Kopyto are the new, lightweight beaters, which, as the manufacturer assures, are a 100% new, patented design, with adjustable head angle and a compact structure of the rear part of the beater pad, allowing to be set at a greater angle without the risk of hitting the drummer’s feet. It is worth adding that each of the beaters weighs only 88 grams, which can be a great convenience for drummers who specialize in heavier and faster types of rock or metal.

Each pedal has its own serial number and the buyer will receive a certificate of originality. Along with the pedal, the new owner will also receive accessories, including a T-shirt with the Czarcie Kopyto logo, a lanyard, spare parts, e.g. beaters’ pads or additional springs, all packed in a solid hard case included in the price. We remind you that the availability of this product starts on May 1, but orders can be placed today.

Detailed photos and a description of the Supreme version are now available at www.czarciekopyto.com