> > > Curt Bisquera and 5 metal snare drums from DW

All drum manics out there know only too well how strong a brand DW is in the drum business. Also, you all know how renowned and popular instruments with the company logo on are.

Very recently, the drum-building masters from Oxnard, CA have made a video showcasing five snare drums which they consider to be essential in their product range as far as those made from metal are concerned. This allows you to compare their individual sounds, but also the way they look (which does have its significance as well).

drummer Curt Bisquera and DW snares

The snares showcased in the clip are:

  • Brass, sized 14″x5,5″ (symbol: DRVB5514SVC)
  • Aluminum, sized 13″x5,5″ (symbol: DRVA5513SVC)
  • Copper, sized 14″x4″ (symbol: DRVP0414SPC)
  • Steel, sized 14″x6,5″ (symbol: DRVZ6514SPC)
  • Bronze, sized 14″x6,5″ (symbol: DRVZ6514SKC)

DW‘s full metal snare drum offer HERE.

The video presentation features American drummer, Curt Bisquera, who has collaborated with the likes of Johnny Cash, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Seal, Sarah McLachlan, Tom Petty, The Beach Boys, Pharrell Williams, Celine Dion, Lana Del Rey, or John Legend.

To all of you drum freaks in contiguous United States (Alaska and Hawaii excluded)! If you buy any snare drum from DW‘s website, your order will ship for free. The offer stands until July 6th, 2018.