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Converting files from audio to midi – tutorial

As we all know, recording music on a PC or a Mac in the privacy of one’s own bedroom is nothing unusual these days. In this case, in order to have any kind of a drum track, we use midi maps, where a given drum part can be “drawn” from scratch. However, what shall we do if we have audio drum tracks recorded in our rehearsal space with low quality mics or if the instrument used for the session didn’t meet our expectations and we want to improve its sound by triggering the audio tracks with midi? After all, such a solution makes it possible to insert new samples or repair some mistakes in our studio performance.

Apple Logic Pro

In the last few months, we have received a lot of e-mails requesting a short and clear tutorial showing what steps are to be made to achieve this goal. During one of the BeatIt editorial board meetings, we decided to meet the demand and our very own “Animal” took on the task and performed it with the help of the widely popular Logic Pro 9. Here is the result of his work. Enjoy!

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