> > > Chad Smith reveals his new Paiste setup

Back in early May, it was announced that Chad Smith had parted ways with Sabian and gone over to endorse and be endorsed by Paiste.

Now, it has been revealed what kind of Paiste cymbal setup Chad has selected. According to Paiste, the cymbals are ‘executed in accordance with Chad’s artistic vision.’

Here is a list of the instruments Chad has picked, from left to right:

• Custom 2002 20’’ Ride Spiral Cymbal
• PST X 10’’ Pure Bell
• Signature 15’’ Power Hi-Hat Top / 2002 15’’ Sound Edge Bottom
• Signature 12’’ Splash
• 2002 19’’ Extreme Crash
• 2002 24’’ Ride
• 2002 20’’ Extreme Crash
• 2002 24’’ Crash
• PST X 20’’ Swiss Medium Crash
• Custom 2002 10’’ Mini China / PST X 12’’ Splash Stack Top
• Custom 50’’ Symphonic Gong
The 2002, Signature and PST X cymbals are Colorsound coated in a “Matte Silver” finish and feature black Paiste designations and an RHCP logo on the underside. The 50” custom gong is polished to a brilliant finish and displays the Asterisk band logo in a hue resonating with the overall set look.

All photos by Paiste.