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During our visit to London Drum Show, we stopped by at the British Drum Company booth. We will present a video which we shot there very shortly. However, we would like to present their product offer to all Drummers and Drummerettes now, as we think it is worthy of our viewrs’ attention.

Drum Kits

Legend Series: Company flag ship. 10-ply, 6mm thick birch shells. Available in 8 finishes.


Lounge Series: 5.5 mm thick shells which combine mahogany and birch. Available in 4 finishes.


The Imp: A cocktail kit sized 16 x 10, 13 x 10 i 10 x 6, with an optional 12 x 5.5 snare drum. Maple shells. Fits inside a special hardcase (without the snare).


Snare Drums

Merlin: Made from maple and birch. 20-ply, 10.5 mm thick shells. Available sizes: 14, 13, 12, 10 (diameter), 5.5 and 6.5 (depth).


Bluebird: Brass shell finished in lustrous chrome. Instrument available in 14 x 6.


The Big Softy: Its recipe is kept secret. The manufacturer describes it as the warmest snare out of the entire collection, ideal for the studio. Available in 14 x 6.5.


Lounge: The shell combines mahogany and birch. Available in 14 x 6.5 and 14 x 5.5.


Legend: The shell is made from cold pressed birch. Available in 14 x 6.5 and 14 x 5.5.



A professional percussion instrument. The iTAP is the size of an A4 paper sheet and 12 mm thick. It can be played with hands, hot rods or brushes.



The offer includes jackets, T-shirts, practice pads, drum keys, rubber, felt and metal washers, snare wires, throw-offs, snare straps, lanyards etc. We have decided to draw your special attention to Joe’s Butler – a clever and stylish drink, wallet, drum key and phone holder designed by Joe Donovan from the band Blossoms.


British Drum Co‘s full product range is available HERE.

A video from London Drum Show coming soon!