> > > Blind Test, Quiz 3, jazz rides: Answer

Drummers and Drummerettes! It’s time to present the answer to the third edition of our new series of quizes we collectively call “Bind Tests“, which we are preparing in co-operation with Avant Drum Shop. Your task was to correctly identify two jazz rides only by ear, based on an audio recording.


You had to choose from the following three hand made jazz ride cymbals: 21″ Anatolian JC Brown Sugar Ride, 21″ Amedia Gold Series Ride and 21″ Turkish Dark Hammer Ride.

The correct answer is:

A:Amedia Gold Series Ride 21

B:Anatolian JC Brown Sugar Ride 21

The winner of the ‘Choose the one you like best’ vote is the Amedia Gold Series Ride 21, which got 55% of the votes.

Out of hundreds of entries, the winner drawn by the machine is Tomasz Szpyra from Kłodawa, who picks up the prize, which is a beatit t-shirt  sponsored by Drummers’ Portal Beatit.  Congratulations!

Please remember the next quiz and the next prize are coming your way on Monday!

Here is a video presenting the solution to this week’s quiz.