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As some of you probably already know, we have recently received a parcel containing some interesting cymbals from Zildjian. Right after the courier’s visit, we got down to some serious bashing. We started off with three beautiful pairs of hi hats from the K Sweet series, which were sized 14 “, 15” and 16 “.

We’re testing Zildjian K Sweet Hats

1. The test

We tested Zildjian K Sweet hats at our own recording facility. We started off with a few single strokes showing different dynamics. Later on, we went on to present the instrument’s sound in grooves using a bass drum and a snare.

2. Product:

  • Company: Zildjian
  • Series: K Sweet
  • Model: 14″, 15″, 16″ hats
  • Material: B20 alloy
  • Finish: Traditional
  • Character: Dark
  • Weight: Thin

3. Product and sound

16″ Zildjian K Sweet Hat

The largest and the loudest of the cymbals tested here. Definitely, a very universal hi hat that will work in many music genres. While playing this cymbal, it feels very soft. It is most probably due to its size and thickness. Very pleasant, low tone. A less technically advanced player switching from thick 14-inch hats to a 16″ Zildjian K Sweet will probably have to take some time to adjust and get acquainted with it.

15″ Zildjian K Sweet Hi Hat

The 15″ Zildjian K Sweet Hi Hat is by far our favorite among the cymbals we tested in the Sweet series. These definitely are very dynamic cymbals, which sound great in low and high dynamics. We also tested this pair at rehearsals with a big band, a progressive metal band and a post grunge combo. A large amount of sand and a very majestic sound combined with a not too ordinary bell meant that our Junior Editor “Paprotnik” instantly fell in love with it.

14″ Zildjian K Sweet Hi Hat

The 14″ Zildjian K Sweet is a cymbal that is our least favourite of the three. However, we still think it sounds very good and the microphones love it. It’s just that the sizes 15″ and 16 ” sound are more to our liking. The Zildjian K Sweet 14″ is equally as loud as its bigger “brothers”, but the sound is less subtle. It produces a nice chick and wash when played with moderate dynamics, but each time we got a bit carried away it would become a bit of a riot.

4. Summary

Here is what our editor, Marcin ‘Viking’ Leitgeber has to say about these hats:

You can instantly hear the idea is to be able to use this line of hi hats in one drum set, i. e. it’s a family with at least one common feature, which is softness. By that, I mean both the sound qualities and response to stick strokes. I must admit my initial impressions from hearing them only by ear were quite illusive. I took all the pairs to my rehearsal space and played each of them at a separate rehearsal with my band, and my favourite was the 15″ K Sweet. The 16-inch seemed a bit too dark for my taste while the 14-inch I thought was brash. When I heard them through mics, it turned out my impressions were different. Also, when doing open-air and in-door gigs I didn’t feel I was missing anything or getting too much of something, but the Zildjian 15″ K Sweet remains my favourite. I prefer hats that are non-incursive, ones that don’t take over the entire frequency band. These are exactly the way I like my hats to be. The bells also produce some nice sounds. All those who have been playing slightly harder hi hat pairs will have to get used to the softness I mentioned, but they will be rewarded by the truly ‘sweet’ sound characteristic. I can imagine this family of hi hats applied in practically any style of music – from heavy to jazz.”

Producer: https://zildjian.com



  • Very well crafted
  • Nice look
  • Complex sound (dark, dry)


  • None

Drummers and Drummerettes! It’s time to put the Zildjian K Sweet Hi Hats to the most important test of all, i. e. the en.beatit.tv viewers’ test!