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As most of you probably already know, Sonor has released a new pedal called Sonor Perfect Balance Standard, which is actually a slightly refreshed version of the well-known Perfect Balance By Jojo Mayer. We received both drum pedals to tests, courtesy of Musik Meyer Central Europe. Of course, as we usually do after receiving a shipment, we practically started off at once.

BeatIt Test: Sonor Perfect Balance Standard

photo: beatit.tv

1. Product

The SONOR Perfect Balance Standard that we have tested is the latest member of the company’s drum pedal family. It is made very decently, and its appearance is minimalist and contemporary. The rim mounting system is one of the things that distinguishes the new mechanism from the old one. Perfect Balance Standard is based on a single non-foldable pillar. The drive mechanism consists of a belt made of ballistic fiber. The independent system of fixing the pedal to the rim ensures stability. It is worth mentioning that the newer version of the Perfect Balance (as opposed to many other mechanisms) has normal screws in the place where the footboard and the footrest are connected, so we have the opportunity to easily eliminate any looseness that often arises in this spot. Another thing that distinguishes the successor from the predecessor is the resignation of the self-mounting hook to the bass drum.

BeatIt Test: Sonor Perfect Balance Standard

photo: beatit.tv

2. Basic product specification:

  • Manufacturer: Sonor
  • Model: Perfect Balance Standard
  • Drive: Ballistic fiber strap drive
  • Cam shape: Round
  • Longboard: No
  • Drum Key: Yes
  • Beater material: Felt

3. Test

We conducted the test at our own recording facility. Both pedals were used with a 20 “, 22″ and 24” kick drum to check how the mechanisms are doing in different situations. Although the feel is quite light, it sounds very good in a situation where our drum is tuned both very low and very high. The lightness of playing practically makes you forget you have any mechanism under your foot, which does not have to suit everyone. Suits us, though. We can confidently say that a moment of fiddling with this mechanism is perfectly enough to adapt it to any player’s preferences. Switching from other mechanisms did not cause us a problem (we use a Pearl Demon Drive, a DW 9000 and a Tama Iron Cobra).

Beatit: Test: Sonor Perfect Balance Standard

photo: beatit.tv

Obviously, the Sonor Perfect Balance Standard offers the feature of adjusting the tension of the spring and the angle of the beater. Both adjustments are possible to do with the drum key provided with the mechanism.

Playing with various dynamics does not cause any difficulties. This drum pedal perfectly reflects the energy of the impact, and is very easy to get it going. Thanks to the use of a brushed aluminum footboard, you can easily play with the swivel or slide techniques.

BeatIt Test: Sonor Perfect Balance Standard

photo: beatit.tv

4. Summary

The Sonor Perfect Balance Standard is a drum pedal made at the highest quality level. The lack of backlash, the high quality of all elements, as weel as the reasonable price allow us to safely say that it is one of the best single pedals on the market. The new mechanism from Sonor has been slimmed down to a minimum, thanks to which the failure rate of the mechanism has been reduced to the limit. In fact, it is hard to imagine what could break down in standard operation. The only “flaw” of the tested pedal was the spring going loose after an hour of playing, which made it it necessary to set the tension again. This happened to us twice. One of us has had this mechanism privately for almost two months and has not encountered such difficulties. To prevent this situation from recurring, it is enough to find an appropriate nut and screw it from underneath onto the thread responsible for adjusting the spring.

Manufacturer: http://www.sonor.com

Distributor in Poland: https://www.musik-meyer-ce.com



  • Very well crafted
  • modern design
  • low failure rate
  • belt made of ballistic fiber


  • loosening spring