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In June this year, during Meinl Percussion Festival 2018, which was held in Gutenstetten, Germany, Meinl employees handed us two parcels. Their contents were rather new to to us, but we obviously decided to face the challenge and proceeded to thoroughly test the instruments hidden inside (Ortega tambourines as well as an interesting stomp box) once we were back at our HQ. We have already presented the applications of the Ortega QUANTUMloop stomp box useful to guitarists (HERE). Now, it is time for…

photo: en.beatit.tv

Ortega Singer/Songwriter Foot Tambourine and Ortega Guitarist Foot Tambourine

1. The product

Ortega Singer/Songwriter Tambourine and Ortega Guitarist Foot Tambourine are two small…(yes, you’ve guessed it!) tambourines. They are both foot tambourines made from gumwood. The instrumenty are painted Ortega Orange, which is the official name of the finish. The jingles are made from stainless steel and fitted in a very decent way – on some kind of long rivets in the first of the tambourines, and metal pivots in the other. Neither the rivets nor the pivots should fall out in standard applications. Both instruments have a durable “mounting system”. The OSSFT has a velcro band, which makes it possible to attach the tambourine to many body parts. The OGFT is equipped with a durable, elastic rubber band, which is attached to it with the help of really strong staple-like elements.

2. Basic specification of the instruments:

  • Manufacturer: Ortega
  • Model: OSSFT and OGFT
  • Jingle rows: 2
  • Jingles: 5×2 and 4×2 respectively
  • Material: Stainless steel (jingles), gumwood
  • Hi hat rod mount: No
  • Drumhead: No

3. The test

We locked ourselves up inside our recording facility, which is what we always do when testing gear. Both tambourines from Ortega were tested by us using a Meinl cajon. Due to small sizes, it is natural that the sound characteristic of the jingles is bright and high-projecting. It is very easy to achieve proper dynamics with both instruments. The sound is clear and nice to the ear, not harsh at all.

photo: en.beatit.tv

4. Summary

Ortega Singer/Songwriter Tambourine and Ortega Guitarist Foot Tambourine are great instruments which come at very good prices. We can safely say that the quality-to-price ratio is close to perfect. We have tried many instruments of this type from many companies, and we have to say these are some of the best foot tambourines as far as both quality and sound are concerned.

Manufacturer: Ortega

Distribution in Poand:  https://www.facebook.com/OrtegaGuitarsPolska/



  • Very well crafted
  • Loud enough
  • Bright, high-projecting, warm sound
  • Easy and efficient mounting


  • None

Tambourine players! It’s time to put theOrtega Singer/Songwriter Tambourine and Ortega Guitarist Foot Tambourine to the ultimate test, i. e. that made by en.beatit.tv viewers!