> > > BeatIt Test: Natal NSTC6 Spirit Black Nickel Cowbell

Not so long ago, we received yet another parcel from DrumStore – an excellent outlet based in Gdynia, Poland. Inside, there was a number of interesting objects, which we are going to thoroughly test for you. We will share the results of our tests with you as we go along. Today, we would like to present our review of the Natal NSTC6 Spirit Black Nickel cowbell.


1. The product

The Natal NSTC6 Spirit Black Nickel cowbell we are testing here belongs to the Natal Afro-Cuban family and is the larger one (6.5″) in this instrument category offered by the manufacturer. It is a very solid and nice-looking instrument. The mount is intuitive to operate and causes no problems.

2. Basic specification of the instrument:

  • Manufacturer: Natal
  • Model: NSTC6 Spirit Black Nickel
  • Material: Nickel
  • Size: Large (6.5″)

3. The test

We tested the Natal NSTC6 Spirit Black Nickel cowbell at our own recording facility. The instrument records very well, the signal is loud enough not to disappear in the mix. The sound characteristic is classic Latin-sounding, not too high-pitched and not too dark. Also, pleasant to the ear.

What is more, our co-founder, Maciej “Blindman” Głuchowski, took the cowbell to his band’s rehearsal and tested it in “combat” conditions for some time. When mounted, the product holds firmly, whether hit hard or soft. The truly Latin sound characteristic allows the instrument to project through other instruments. Both the drummer and the other instrumentalists were able hear the product when it was supposed to be heard.


4. Summary

The Natal NSTC6 Spirit Black Nickel cowbell is a sturdy and good-sounding instrument, which can easily be used in studio and on stage, and every drummer and percussionist on the lookout for a product of this sort should be satisfied. The price (below USD 40) is not discouraging considering the quality.



  • Well crafted
  • Looks great
  • Easy to mount
  • Quite loud, projects in the mix


  • None

Drummers and Drummerettes! It is time for the most important test, which is the one done by en.beatit.tv viewers. Here is an audio sample of the Natal NSTC6 Spirit Black Nickel Large!