> > > BeatIt Test: Natal NSDR Spirit Tambourine

Very recently, we have received yet another parcel from DrumStore – an excellent outlet based in Gdynia, Poland. Inside, there was a number of interesting objects, which we are going to thoroughly test for you. We will share the results of our tests with you as we go along. Today, we would like to present our review of the Natal NSDR Spirit tambourine.

Natal NSDR Spirit tambourine test

1. The product

The Natal NSDR Spirit tambourine is a very nice-looking and solid instrument. The plastic is hard enough so the user doesn’t have to worry about it bending or deforming. The product is both hand held and hi-hat mountable. Holding it while playing is possible despite the hi hat mount. The jingles are decently fitted and won’t fall out after a few weeks of playing. At the same time, they are not too stiff, which means the sustain is satisfactory and they don’t get choked. The hi hat rod mount is intuitive to operate and causes no problems.

2. Basic specification of the instrument:

  • Manufacturer: Natal
  • Model: NSDR Spirit
  • Jingle rows: 2
  • Jingles: 28 (14 per row)
  • Material: steel (jingles), plastic (rim)
  • Hi hat rod mount: Yes
  • Drumhead: No

Natal NSDR Spirit tambourine en.beatit.tv

3. The test

We tested the Natal NSDR Spirit tambourine at our own recording facility. The instrument records very well, the jingles are loud enough not to disappear in the mix. The sound characteristic is bright and high-projecting, but not unpleasant or harsh.

What is more, our editor, ‘Viking’, took the tambourine to a rehearsal with his band to check it out in “combat” conditions for a few hours. Having mounted the instrument to a hi hat rod and after some playing, the product holds firmly, whether hit with a stick or activated with the help of a hi hat pedal. The bright sound combined with guitar effects and a female vocal allows the tambourine to project through other instruments. Both the drummer and the other instrumentalists were able hear the product while playing.

4. Summary

The Natal NSDR Spirit tambourine is a sturdy and good-sounding instrument, which can easily be used in studio and on stage, both hand held and mounted on a hi hat stand. The price (below USD 40) doesn’t seem too high considering the quality.



  • Well crafted
  • Easy to mount onto a hi hat rod
  • Quite loud, projects in the mix


  • Quite bright, high-projecting (a matter of personal preference)


  • None