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Very recently, we have received yet another parcel from Germany, Gutenstetten, to be exact. All drum maniacs around the world know that that is where the Meinl company is based. Inside the parcel, there was a number of interesting instruments and drum accessories, which we are going to thoroughly test for you. We will share the results of our tests with you as we go along. Today, we would like to present our review of the Meinl Drum Honey dampening gel pads.

Meinl Drum Honey en.beatit.tv

1. The product

Meinl Drum Honey dampening gel pads come in honey gold colour (which fulfills the promise given by the name) and a circle shape. A buyer receives six pieces of Drum Honey gels. According to the producer (whom we have no reason to distrust), the pads are non-toxic. They are also washable with the help of a drop of dish soap and water. Let them air dry without exposure to direct sunlight, and their stickiness will come back.

2. Basic product specification

  • Manufacturer: Meinl
  • Product type: Dampening gel pads
  • Model: Drum Honey
  • Pcs per pack: 6
  • Reusability: Yes
  • Washability: Yes
  • Non-toxic: Yes

a test by en.beatit.tv Meinl Drum Honey dampening gel pads

3. The test

We tested the Meinl Drum Honey dampening gel pads at our own recording facility on a piccolo snare drum. We started off with a completely undampened snare. Then, we put on a single gel pad, and then another one. Placing and removing them from the drum head surface was absolutely effortless. It is worth noting that they leave no marks on the surface when removed.

4. Summary

The Meinl Drum Honey gel pads instantly and effortlessly change the drum sound to a warmer one and nicer to the ear. The fact that they are easily removed from any given surface will be especially useful for studio engineers (both live and in studio), session drummers, and in all places where sound control is vital, e. g. drum schools, small practice rooms, houses of worship, etc.).

Producer: https://meinlcymbals.com/

Distributor in Poland: http://www.meinldistribution.pl/



  • Softened, warmer drum sound
  • Reusable
  • Removable
  • Washable


  • None

Drummers and Drummerettes! It’s time to put the Meinl Drum Honey dampening gel pads to the most important test of all, i. e. the en.beatit.tv viewers’ test!