> > > BeatIt Report: MW-Vintage HQ

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Wągrowiec – a town in western Poland – to see with our own eyes and lenses what things are like at the headquarters of the MW-Vintage company, which deals with vintage drum kits, snare drums, percussion instruments, cymbals and hardware from all over the world. They also carry interesting instruments from Polish manufacturers. Since the business is steadily growing as the range of products on offer is wider almost every day and there’s more and more tasty bits for the lovers of drums of old, we decided it was time to get in touch with Mateusz Wysocki and make a proper raid of his place.

Just take a look at all those drum kits, snares, hardware and cymbals from Pearl, Premier, Camco, Tama, Yamaha, Ludwig, Rogers, Beverley, Gretsch, Fibes, Sonor, Mapex, Adams, Arbiter, PDP, Peace, Taye, Remo, Amati, Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, but also Szpaderski and Słowik (both of which are old Polish brands).

Mateusz Wysocki is a former co-owner of the Avant Drum Shop, the author of a series of articles on vintage drums published by the “Perkusista” magazine between 2010 and 2012 (also available on our website in the digital form, see example: HERE). He is a graduate of 1st and 2nd degree music schools, where he studied drums. Has collaborated with such Polish bands as Lumikulu Aj, Żelki, Paintherapy!, Mokrofon, Strefa Zero and Neons Of 101.

MW-Vintage is the only establishment in Poland, where you can purchase fully renovated percussion instruments (drum kits, snares, cymbals and hardware) which are minimum 30 years old. As the company owner, Mateusz has focused on taking care of every stage of fulfilling an order, i. e. dispatch, monitoring warehouse storage, port or flight service, customs clearance, purchase, transit to Poland, servicing, cleaning, taking photos, making a video and post-purchase assistance. Mateusz guarantees that each instrument sold by him is fully functional and ready to play, be it live, at a studio session or for daily practice.