> > > BeatIt presents SONTRONICS drum microphones

Presentation of Sontronics drum mics

BeatIt invites you to watch a recording made using condenser microphones from the British manufacturer Sontronics, which were put under Director Animal’s microscope. The audio material has not been edited or mixed in any way (EQ – zero, compression – zero and so on). Only volume proportions were adjusted.


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Equipment used for the recording:


Bass drum: Sontronics dm-1b
Snare top: Sontronics dm-1s
Snare bottom: Shure SM57
Toms: Sontronics dm-1t
Hi hat: Sontronics stc-1
OH: Sontronics stc-1s (paired)


Late 80’s 10″, 12″, 14″, 20″ Yamaha Recording Custom

70’s Ludwig Supraphonic Supersensitive LM 411 snare


Toms: Remo Emperor Clear

Snare: Evans Genera Dry

Bass drum: Remo Powerstroke Pro


The microphones were presented courtesy of Audiotech Pro – the Sontronics distributor for Poland.

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