> > > BeatIt interviews Paweł Herbasch of Illusion – part 1

Paweł Herbasch – drummer with Illusion – talks to BeatIt

One of Polish 90’s legends – the grunge outfit Illusion – made a very warmly received comeback a few years ago. On the 9th of February 2013, the band arrived in Poznań, Poland (first time since the reactivation) and appeared at the Rock In Arena festival. Songs such as “Nóż”, “Na luzie”, “Vendetta”, “Wojtek”, “140”, “Nikt”, which are the loudest bombs dropped by them in their heyday, rang out with the same youthful energy and made a whole new generation of fans filling the venue to its capacity go absolutely bezerk. A loud “Thank you!” coming from about four thousand mouths after the last chord had been played was living proof that Illusion’s return has been more than just a success. Triumph is a more fitting way of describing it. BeatIt could not ignore such an event and the accompanying opportunity to get together with Paweł Herbasch – the rhythm sinew for the band – and Mariusz “Maniek” Bulak, who is Paweł’s drum tech. As drummers often do, we had a chat about the man’s cymbals, snare drums, heads, hardware, sticks, drum kit maintenance and the technical aspects of preping the gear for Illusion’s energetic shows.

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