> > > BeatIt Drum Cam: Jakub Martuzalski (RusT) – “Balloon”

Today we have drum cam with Dixon Spark PODSP 416 drum kit. To hit on those drums, we invited a representative of the new generation of Polish drummers, Jakub Martuzalski. He is drummer with the band RusT and he loves classical rock drumming and this is how he represents the style of playing drums. You can take our word for it that he thoroughly studied John Bonham’s drumming.

We decided to take the opportunity of having Martuzal at our studio and made a drum cam, in which he performs a track titled “Balloon” taken from the from RusT album – „Night Will Fall”.

On this drum cam, Jakub Martuzalski used:

  • Dixon Spark PODSP 416 with poplar shell sized 16″ x 14″, 10 “x 8″, 14″x14″, snare 14″ x 5,5”
  • Impression Cymbals