> > > Bartek Nazaruk Interview, Pt. 3/4

Bartek Nazaruk (Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra) talks to BeatIt, Pt. 3

On October 18 2013, after a live performance by the Polish pop legend Kayah along with her new project Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra in Poznań, Poland, excerpts of which you can also see on our website, BeatIt hooked up with Bartek Nazaruk – the man behind the drums in that band.

In this part of the interview, we chat about the routines which help Bartek to prepare for concerts and recording sessions, ways to deal with stagefright and his approach to recording (in segments or in one take? alone or together with the other instrumentalists?). We also find out a thing or two about two new projects of his, which should create a buzz some time next year.


Here is Bartek Nazaruk in yet another episode of his encounter with BeatIt. Enjoy!

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