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Bartek “BARTHEZZ” Pawlus live at BeatIt HQ

When paying a visit to the BeatIt HQ, Bartek Pawlus could have easily just given us an interview, however, we couldn’t allow that to happen. Besides, the guy is always eager to play drums, so our task wasn’t all that difficult. All we needed to do was ask the ever-so-reliable boys from the Woodys Backline company to lend us a DW Collector’s kit (Bartek’s gear was on its way to a concert somewhere in Poland). Here is Bartek Pawlus, exclusively for BeatIt, performing the latest hit which he recorded with the band Bracia, entitled “Wierzę w lepszy świat” (“I Believe In A Better World”), which is taken from their newest album “Zmienić zdarzeń bieg” (“To Change The Course Of Events”). Barthezz! Play on, you crazy mutha!!!

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