> > > Bad Religion´s Jamie Miller joins the Yamaha Drums Family

Drummer of Punk Rock legends is the newest Yamaha Drums Endorser!

You may know Jamie Miller for his awesome work in …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead or Snot. He is also a drummer of the legendary California based, punk rock titans Bad Religions. He has joined the band in 2015, and they are going strong with another US tour which will start soon. Touring is often very difficult and demanding, especially for drummer, as well as for his drums. Jamie knows that, and he has chosen to be a part of family which makes drums ready for the road- Yamaha company!

Jamie Miller Yamaha

“I’m a big fan of simple yet expressive drumming. I love taking the drums for a super technical whirl as much as the next progster, but in a more pop or rock context.” Jamie said. His kit of choice for his current EU Tour is the Yamaha Live Custom which provides rich expression, perfect for the bands powerful sound. Snare of choice is the Yamaha 14” x 5.5” Aluminum (RAS1455) snare. We wish him a lot of fun on the road with the new weapons of choice!