> > Amadeusz Kaźmierczak & Armia – “Ostatnia chwila” LIVE

Amadeusz ‘Amade’ Kazmierczak and Armia – ‘Ostatnia chwila’ live for BeatIt

The 18th of February 2017 saw yet another annual edition of Rocket Festival, which presents new Polish artists while refreshing established acts to its young audience at the same time. On that day, the stage at Hall 2 of the Poznan International Fairgrounds was taken by Bartosz ‘Chupa’ Zawadzki, who has recently released his debut album, and the widely popular and established Lao Che, Luxtorpeda and Armia. The drummer with the latter band (a true punk/new wave legend in Poland, over 30 years in existence, 12 studio and 8 live albums, concert tours alongside Killing Joke and New Model Army, to name just a few facts about them) is the 28-year-old Amadeusz “Amade” Kaźmierczak, who has been in the band for three years now. Armia is an institution on the Polish scene and ‘Amade’ is an excellent drummer, who plays with lots of pep, adding a great deal of youthfulness to the music. It was obvious that BeatIt cameras had to find their way to an Armia show sooner or later.


Using his Premier XPK drum kit, Pearl Free Floatig Brass snare, Zildjian K cymbals and Remo Emperor Clear drumheads, Amadeusz leads the band very much in the spirit of wonderful drum parts composed for the band in the past by the late Piotr “Stopa” Żyżelewicz or the great Tomasz “Krzyżyk” Krzyżaniak (see our Zildjian S cymbal presentation featuring this drummer HERE).

When I was a drum tech for Armia, there was Tomasz Krzyżaniak on the drums at first. Then, Daniel Karpiński, and Przemysław Pacan for a while. Already during tenure, I got to see how he played all those songs. I got used to them, how they are arranged and composed. They require versatility and you have to be on your toes all the time. Trzeba wszechstronności i trzeba się pilnować. Często się wydaje słuchając materiału Armii, że to takie tam. The first time I was filling in was during the Armia plays “Legenda” tour (a tour celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band’s 1991 classic titled ‘Legenda’. I had to play the entire album, which is not an easy set  of songs. The stuff that “Stopa” played on there is just… It took time to sink into.”

When we were making the “Toń” album, there was a lot of stress. We had to rearrange the whole material, lose a lot of things, add some new ones. It was difficult. Very recently, I put it on and I could hear all the effort we put into the record.”

Drummers and Drummerettes! Exclusively for www.beatit.tv! We give you Amadeusz ‘Amade’ Kaźmierczak and Armia in a live rendition of the song ‘Ostatnia chwila’ (‘The Final Moment’), taken from the band’s twelfth studio effort released in 2015 and titled ‘Toń(‘The Depths’).