> > > Ahead’s Wicked Chops Pad Has Arrived

We have recently informed you that the smallest practice pad from Ahead and Drum Talk TV – Wicked Chops is going to be available soon. Now it’s confirmed by Bob Kasha – CEO of Big Bang Distribution. You can order it and master your precision skills now!

This pad will help you develop precision. That’s for sure. It’s very small but solid and to hit it right you must think before you act and plan your every hit. It’s all about precise drumming which is very needed especially in fast genres such as metal or in marching bands where sticking is simply essential. It’s cast aluminum and mounts on any 8mm threaded stand!

Here are 5 of the biggest benefits:
1. Precision: Stroke accuracy and definition of phrasing and patterns.
2. Dynamics: Increased ability to smoothly and starkly vary volume and speed
3. Power: Consistency of strength and maximum stick heights (without banging!).
4. Speed: Ability to comfortably navigate high and low tempos with precision.
5. Endurance: Apply all of the above while economizing your energy.

All of these will also greatly improve your control of phrasing, patterns and overall musicality when applied to your instruments.
Current Wicked Chops Artists include:
Billy Cobham
Ian Paice
Dom Famularo
Glen Sobel
Dylan Elise
A.D. Adams
Kelley Marie Kubitz
Dominic Fragman (one of the Wicked Chops developer)

For price and further information please visit this WEBSITE

Watch the short clip showing Wicked Chops in action!